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Here at SD Designs, we have had the good fortune of staying busy over the holidays! Because we produce a lot of outdoor banners and signage, this is typically the slow season in Kansas City.

Well that work has brought on a lot of new designs from creating logo's, wrapping zamboni's, to designing <A  HREF="">creative and useful websites.</A> We will be updating our <A  HREF="…">gallery</A> with much more work over the coming week and would like to thank all of the faves we have received lately and of course a big thanks goes out to our friends and watchers!

Let us know how you feel about our design work, and remember "Image is EVERYTHING!"

-Brandon C.
SD Designs
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I've had a few people inquire about what tools of the trade I use in my works.

I'm a PC guy, a heavy photoshop user, but I also employ Illustrator on a regular basis.

I use a wacom pen tablet to do most of my work. It's a nice replacement for a mouse :)

That i really about it, in the future I will post some links to resources and such.
You can also see articles, links to some good stuff and more at my websites
My main design page:
my blog:
my banner website:

Happy Designing!
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Hey, about time I filled this section out!

Thanks for stopping by my page. My name is Brandon C. and I am  graphic designer based out of Kansas City, MO.

I have been in  the design field for about 12 years.
I run a studio called SD Designs in the historic CityMarket in KCMO

I mostly do Packaging, Advertising and Tattoo related work for my friends Tattoo shop "Rose Tattoo Parlor"

I have a strong desire to improve my typography skills, so please bear with my poor typesetting in my work :)

Please leave any comments you have, as I enjoy criticism and compliments!

You can see my website at
And if you are bored and want to read various articles on Graphic design and the industry, please visit my blog at:

  • Listening to: NIN - Studio sessions
  • Drinking: monster